The Australian Photojournalist

The Australian Photojournalist

The Australian Photojournalist (APJ) is the subsidiary journal of the Centre for Documentary Practice, which seeks to make a difference by showcasing impactful work by photo and text journalists. Based in Brisbane, Australia, and published annually since 1994, each successive edition is unashamedly political, ideological, and ground-breaking in both method and content. Now a 272 page full-colour book, this publication honours important stories in our world which cannot afford to go unheard.


The APJ is a non-profit, and is run by a volunteer editorial board. It is supported by professional contributors who submit their work out of a respect and understanding of the power and the importance of having their stories told and shared.  Each edition is thematically curated and seeks to give voice and platform to the stories of those more often silenced or preferably unheard, while casting a critical eye on contemporary journalism and mass media practices.

I have been with the journal since March 2014 and am honoured to be the final Issue Editor as well as the primary online content generator and assistant text editor. During my time at the APJ I have been exposed to impassioned people and their ideas in a challenging, stimulating, supportive environment, both within the editorial team and the broader worldwide community of documentists and journalists.

Previous contributors include – John Pilger, Noam Chomsky, Jim Goldberg, Alec Soth, Lauren Greenfield, Ed Kashi, Edward Burtynksy, Eugene Richards, Donald Weber, Yuri Kozyrev, Jodi Bieber & many others.

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